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If you are feeling overwhelmed by life circumstances beyond your control, are struggling to manage big emotions, or are feeling stuck in patterns that are hard to break free from, then you are not alone. There is hope and we are glad you found us. 

We seek to provide both a safe place to acknowledge and grieve circumstances outside of your control and an empowering environment to make the changes to build a life that feels congruent to your true self. It takes courage to examine your life, struggles, and identity on a deep level, and we are honored you are considering us as a resource along that journey. 


Choosing a therapist that makes you feel seen, accepted and safe is key to getting the most out of therapy. Take your time to explore our site to learn more about us or click the book consult button to schedule a 15 minute phone consultation to discuss if our services are right for you or your teen.


We believe that healing and growth is a both/and process of acceptance and change. We are passionate about the freedom found when living a life that feels in line with one’s core values. However, we know that finding this freedom is often a challenging process and can require reckoning with painful realities, worries of rejection, and letting go of what once served us but now is holding us back from health and peace.

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At Mira we trust our clients are the ultimate experts on their life. We seek to be a collaborative guide on the journey of getting to know your true self and building a life that feels congruent to your values. Click below to learn about our values.

how it works


Schedule a complimentary
15 minute consult call


This is a time to ask questions, and determine if these are the right services to meet your needs. Or, if you feel ready feel free to jump to step two.


Create an account
in the client portal


You can schedule sessions, complete intake paperwork, and message Rachel all from your client portal account.


Book an Intake Session


The focus of the first few sessions will be getting to know your story and your hopes for therapy. From there we will build a plan to tackle your goals together.


Free 15 minute initial consult call

$150 -$165 - 50 minute Individual therapy or family consult session

Workshop pricing is available based on individual need

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