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We believe that healing and growth is a both/and process of acceptance and change. We are passionate about the freedom found when living a life that feels in line with one’s core values. However, we know that finding this freedom is often a challenging process and can require reckoning with painful realities, worries of rejection, and letting go of what once served us but now is holding us back from health and peace. 


At Mira we trust our clients are the ultimate experts on their life. We seek to be a collaborative guide on the journey of getting to know your true self and building a life that feels congruent to your values.

We believe in the dignity and worth of ALL people and that everyone deserves freedom, safety, and access to care that supports their wellbeing. 

Here are a few actions we are taking because of these core values:



  • In recognition of the historical and systematic factors that continue to prevent this goal from being fully realized, 2% of MIRA’s profits are donated to nonprofits working to make mental health care more accessible to historically marginalized communities. Our current featured nonprofit is the The WA Therapy Fund Foundation.

  • We practice from a Health at Every Size and non-diet approach. Practically this means we believe that all bodies are good and that a person’s size does not directly indicate their health status. While Rachel is happy to support goals of increasing healthy behaviors (example: incorporating joyful movement, remembering to take medication, etc.), she is not the right provider for clients looking for support with changing their bodies or numbers based weight loss goals. 

Meet Rachel
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